When reliability is essential for your business, you can trust Castrol’s full range of high-performance lubricants to safely protect your equipment and allow it to run more efficiently. 

We understand the importance of keeping your construction vehicles productive in demanding conditions. The loss of even one vehicle for a day can hold up a whole construction project – especially when deadlines and budgets are tight. 

Construction and other companies using heavy mobile equipment in off-road applications have found that a combination of high-quality lubricants and used oil analysis can help safely extend oil drain intervals. In addition to increased uptime, extended drain intervals limit the risk of introducing contaminants, which can happen when oil is changed under dirty or wet conditions in the field.

Our used oil analysis service, Castrol Labcheck Next Generation brings a new generation of service and technology to fluid analysis. This helps enhance the performance and extend the lifespan of critical machinery for many years. Monitoring lubricant conditions within the internal environment of machinery is the most cost-effective way to extend lubricant drain intervals, preventing catastrophic failure and increasing the lifespan of equipment.

Whatever type of vehicle you use in your construction or other off-road operations – for earth moving, loading, hauling, drilling, breaking, placing, paving and more – you’ll find our Liquid Engineers offer a solution for keeping them reliably in service and productive for longer. 

Castrol can add value to your operation by delivering: 
  • Advanced lubricant technology for operational efficiency and the extension of equipment life
  • Expert field services, including used oil analysis to help extend oil drain intervals
  • Nationwide capability to service your vehicle lubrication needs at your point of operations
  • History of proven performance with original equipment manufacturers
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