Castrol’s wide range of lubricating products helps many different applications run smoother for longer


The Castrol Aircol™ SR compressor oil range of premium lubricants are designed for use in rotary screw compressors and are based on polyalphaolefin (PAO) fluids. It is suitable for operation under extreme climatic conditions, harsh environments and severe operating conditions where very high air discharge temperatures (>100°C) are experienced. These oils are also suitable for use in compressor units operating at normal operating conditions with the maximum air discharge temperature =/< 100°C, as defined by ISO 6743-3:2003.

Aircol SR (all grades) PDS
Aircol SR 32 SDS
Aircol SR 46 SDS
Aircol SR 68 SDS

Castrol Magna™ RD

Characterized by extreme pressure and rust and corrosion protection, Castrol Magna™ RD provides tackiness for adherence to drill surfaces. In tests by Ingersoll-Rand and Gardner-Denver laboratories, it has shown to exceed their requirements.

Magna RD (all grades) PDS
Magna RD 46 SDS
Magna RD 100 SDS
Magna RD 150 SDS
Magna RD 220 SDS
Magna RD 320 SDS
Magna RD 460 SDS


Castrol Magna™ SW D is specially formulated for the lubrication of slideways on machine tools. These oils are fortified with selected oiliness, extreme pressure additives and a special material to impart tackiness and adhesiveness. These lubricants are noted for their usual ability to overcome the stick-slip motion ordinarily associated with slow-moving tool parts. These oils reduce machine-tool-carriage chatter and possess the necessary adhesive characteristics to prevent squeezing out of the lubricant.

Magna SW D (all grades) PDS
Magna SW D 68 SDS
Magna SW D 220 SDS

Castrol Perfecto HT 4 and Perfecto HT 5 Plus

Very stable paraffinic base oils are fortified with high-temperature oxidation-inhibitors to offer excellent circulation during cold-weather startups, eliminate overheated pump motors, and protect against hot spots (high fluid temperature in the heat exchanger). 

Perfecto HT 4
Perfecto HT 5