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To keep your operations and equipment running efficiently and sustainably, Castrol offers you a range of services to help optimize performance and reduce breakdowns.

Offers and Services


Keeping your operations running reliably, efficiently and sustainably doesn't just depend on choosing the right industrial fluids and lubricants. In order to avoid issues such as cutting fluid contamination and ensure optimal maintenance scheduling, you also need a complete package of efficiency-enabling services.


That's why Castrol offers you a comprehensive range of services, all backed by liquid engineers with hands-on experience of your industry. This ensures that not only can we recommend the most appropriate products in the first place, we can also work with you to optimize efficiency, reliability and sustainability throughout your operations.


These services include Castrol® Labcheck® and Castrol Predict, which use online laboratory sampling to monitor the performance of your plant, to not simply optimize performance but also help predict and prevent breakdowns.


You can also rely on Castrol Complete CMS wherever chemical management solutions are crucial to the performance and sustainability of your operations; while Castrol Techservice is here to help reduce cutting fluid contamination and minimize the use of metalworking fluids, as well as to extend tool life.


Whatever your operations demand to maintain efficiency and reliability in a sustainable way, we have the experts and the services to help make it happen.