Space-grade lubricants

The Castrol Braycote and Brayco ranges deliver ultimate performance in the harshest conditions - from the ocean floor to outer space.

Space grade lubricants

Mission-critical lubricants

The unique formulations of our lubricants deliver the ultimate performance in the most extreme vacuum environments - keeping advanced space technologies moving in conditions where failure is not an option. Wherever equipment is pushed to the extreme, there is a Brayco lubricant to help maximise its reliability.

Vacuum-environment products chosen by NASA

Designed to perform for extended periods in extreme conditions, Castrol Brayco oils and Braycote greases are renowned for reducing the risk of contamination and mechanical failure.

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Our products are LOX/GOX compatible, chemical resistant, and insoluble in jet fuel/rocket applications - making them applicable for a huge range of mechanisms across varying specific requirements.


Whether it’s helping to explore new worlds in outer space or pushing the boundaries on every surface of the Earth, we perform a critical role in developing cutting-edge technology which drives us forward.

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experts in Space-grade lubricants

Making the space grade
Our specialist research and development teams help our customers determine the best lubrication solutions for both their critical and non-critical applications.

Did you know?

Performing under extreme Martian temperatures, our products are helping keep NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover and Curiosity Rover moving to this day.
Our lubricants keep the Canadarm robotic arm on the International Space Station moving, helping it perform vital maintenance tasks.
We helped NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter - the first vehicle to fly on another planet - conduct many more flights than anyone thought possible.
NASA’s Opportunity rover worked on the surface of Mars for more than 14 years, longer than any other rover. This incredible achievement was supported by our space-grade lubricants.

Collaboration here on Earth

We’re proud of our decades working with NASA and the dreams of space travel that we’ve helped turn into a reality.


A little closer to home, we continue to play our part in industries as diverse as data centres, shipping and automotive production while also powering cutting-edge transportation on land, sea and air.


From the depths of our oceans to the furthest reaches of our solar system, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation for more than a century, rising to every challenge, breaking boundaries and keeping humanity moving forward.

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