Castrol on Earth

From the seabed to the Moon and Mars, our space-grade lubricants are helping shape the future of space exploration and move humanity forward on Earth.

A universe of opportunity

Castrol have been at the forefront of innovation for over a century, developing advanced products with game-changing technologies. With a collaborative approach based on knowledge sharing, rigorous testing, and cutting-edge design, we’ve worked with some of the best and brightest to improve performance on Earth and beyond.

For space, not just in space

We’re here for the entire space operation - from supporting critical operations at mission control to lubricating engines and data centre cooling systems on the ground.


It might surprise you, but when it comes to space exploration, so most of the work happens right here on Earth. Whether it’s lubricating vital components on the launchpad or optimising the performance of ground support equipment, our lubricants can help power the global space industry on Earth and beyond.

Beyond Space

From the cars, bikes and trucks on the roads to the planes in the skies and ships in the sea. From the machines to the robots to the modern everyday objects we rely on each day, Castrol is working behind the scenes in more components of modern life than you think.


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Our lubricants are used across a range of vital applications on Earth. Lubricating millions of cars, bikes and trucks across the world. Helping to overcome the challenges of wind turbine drivetrains and enabling robots used for manufacturing to operate efficiently.

Much of what we do in space is similar to what we do here on Earth. We apply the same rigour, expertise, and ethos wherever we operate.


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Our subsea control fluids perform reliably up to 3000m below sea level, at extreme pressures and in temperatures as low as -60°C. Castrol lubricates valves through 125km long umbilical cables that connect the ocean’s surface to the seabed.


Castrol has been at the heart of aerospace industry development for over a century.

We were the first to successfully lubricate a jet engine, the first to develop a corrosion-inhibited jet turbine oil, and the first to lubricate a cabin supercharger.

Castrol on Earth