Introducing the new Castrol Vecton Euro VI products

Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W-40 E6/E9 and Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W-30 E6/E9 are the latest advanced low SAPS formulations in the Castrol Vecton range, fully approved by OEMs for use in Euro VI trucks to their maximum oil drain.

What is Euro VI legislation?

Euro VI sets the strictest limits on exhaust emissions in Europe, and all new trucks sold since the end of 2013 must be compliant. To achieve these tough limits, the truck OEMs have deployed their most advanced engine designs ever. 

To ensure that Euro VI trucks continue to perform on the road, the right engine oil must be used:
  • low SAPS
  • specially formulated to protect modern precision hardware and to handle harsh engine operating environments
  • approved by OEMs for use in Euro VI trucks to maximum oil drain interval.


Euro emissions limits have gone tighter from Euro II to Euro VI.


All OEMs will have to use after-treatment devices which deal with the nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide and particulate matter which the engine produces. The devices are sensitive to components in the lubricant, and can stop working if the wrong lubricant is used. To make sure they work properly during the life of the vehicle, it is vitally important to use a low SAPS lubricant.

What problems can the new Castrol Vecton Euro VI products help prevent?

Two of the most common devices in trucks are EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and DPF (diesel particulate filter).
EGR lowers the combustion temperature to reduce NOx. This can also increase levels of soot and other contaminants. Castrol Vecton with System 5 Technology™ is specifically formulated to fight these harmful contaminants, helping to maximise the performance of the engine and preventing potential damage.


DPF traps soot particles in the exhaust stream, but it can also become blocked with ash from the oil itself. Castrol Vecton with System 5 Technology™ is specially formulated as low SAPS to prevent DPF blockage, while meeting the Euro VI requirements of the major OEMs.

Diesel Particulate Filter

More benefits about the new products

Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W-30 E6/E9 and Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W-40 E6/E9 are formulated with System 5 Technology™ delivering up to 40% better performance*. They are specifically engineered for extended oil drain up to 100,000 km** in the latest Euro VI diesel engines. They can also be used in low emission Euro IV and Euro V European trucks and buses, especially those requiring a low SAPS lubricant and in older on-road and off-road vehicles, and equipment that require that performance level. 
With Castrol's new Euro VI products, truck fleets and truck workshops need only stock one 10W-40 or 10W-30 product, simplifying their product range and the oil change process during the service intervals.

* In independent laboratory tests, Castrol Vecton Long Drain performed up to 40% better than API and ACEA industry standard limits across oil thickening, piston deposits, soot handling and wear and corrosion. See
** Castrol Vecton Long Drain is approved by some major OEMs for oil drain up to 100,000km, in accordance with their specifications. Actual oil drain depends on engine type, operations conditions, service history, use of on-board diagnostics and fuel quality. Always consult your manufacturer’s handbook.