Speciality products

MTX Part Synthetic Gear Oil

Castrol MTX Part Synthetic motorcycle gear oil is a synthetic based transmission oil designed to enhance the performance of the latest generation of on and off road 2 stroke motorcycles. Castrol MTX Part Synthetic is suitable for motorcycles where a dedicated transmission oil is required and is suitable for wet clutch systems.

Synthetic Fork Oil

For all on and off road motorcycles used in extreme conditions-suitable for racing use. Fully synthetic fluid designed to provide the ultimate damping performance in all On and Off Road suspensions.

Fork Oil

For all on and off road motorcycles. Advanced mineral based fluid designed to provide the optimum damping performance in all on and off road suspensions.

Motorcycle Coolant

Pre-diluted (ethylene glycol based, fully formulated) coolant, developed to meet the requirements of all water-cooled motorcycles and scooters.
Fully formulated for corrosion protection down to -25┬░C.

Motorcycle Brake Fluid

Fully synthetic, high performance brake fluid. Maximised braking power in motorcycles and scooters. Resistance to high temperature vapour lock. Increased braking safety margin when compared to conventional