Castrol POWER1 Scooter

Castrol POWER1 Scooter 2T


Castrol POWER1 Scooter 2T is a high performance, low smoke 2-stroke oil designed specifically for modern scooters. Its unique Power Protection Formula has been designed to protect the exhaust system from the build up of excessive carbon deposits which can lead to a drop in engine performance over time. The condition of the exhaust in a 2-stroke engine is critical to how the engine performs. Exhaust systems can degrade rapidly in stop-start driving, especially if low quality oils are used. In the industry standard exhaust system blocking test, Castrol POWER1 Scooter 2T has been shown to out-perform current industry limits for exhaust system blocking performance. This helps to ensure that the exhaust, and therefore the engine, remains better protected against the build up of power robbing deposits over time.


  • Power Protection Formula keeps exhaust systems clean
  • Low-ash formulation helps to reduce spark plug fouling
  • Excellent high temperature detergency
  • Compatible with modern catalytic converters.


  • API TC+


Castrol POWER1 Scooter 2T is suitable for use in all modern 2-stroke scooter engines. It is designed for both oil injection and pre-mix lubrication, as per manufacturers' instructions, up to a fuel:oil ratio of 50:1.
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