Bike Care products

Chain Spray O-R

Castrol Chain Spray O-R is a white, fully synthetic chain lubricant for motorcycle O-ring and X-ring chains.

Chain Lube Racing

Castrol Chain Lube Racing is an advanced fully synthetic motorcycle chain lubricant that sets a new standard in chain lubrication.

Chain Cleaner

Castrol Chain Cleaner is an extremely efficient cleaner for motorcycle chains with and without O-ring and X-rings.

Metal Parts Cleaner

Castrol Metal Parts Cleaner is a specially designed aerosol fluid for removing oil and grease to clean engine parts as well as brake discs, carburettors, spark plugs, electrical switches and metallic surfaces.

Greentec Bike Cleaner

Greentec Bike Cleaner has been developed in order to ensure fast and effective cleaning.

Bike Polish

Castrol Bike Polish is the new motorcycle cleaner developed to clean and polish painted surfaces, chrome and plastic without use of water.

Silicon Spray

Castrol Silicon Spray is a general purpose silicon lube for protecting and renovating plastics and rubber.


Castrol Motorcycle DWF is a multi-purpose aerosol penetrant and dewatering fluid for motorcycles

Foam Air Filter Oil

Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil has been developed to ensure
excellent performance for motorcycle filters.

Foam Air Filter Cleaner

Castrol Foam Air Filter Cleaner is a fast drying cleaning fluid, designed for all types of motorcycle and scooter filters made from plastic sponge and metal gauze.