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We supply high-performance products for fleets and shipping, including engine oils, Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants, and oils and greases for your ancillary equipment. You can also make the most of our expert technical solutions, such as online UOA to onboard test kits and technical consultancy.

Wherever you’re going, go with Castrol

You need to keep your operations moving. That means having access to high-performance products and services, wherever your business takes you. 


With Castrol presence in over 820 ports and 82 countries, you can rely on our global network of technical service, customer service and distributor partner teams. They work tirelessly to ensure you can get access to the lubricants and technical services you need, from LA to Lisbon and from Singapore to Stockholm.

Protecting your fleet and minimising downtime is key. You can count on the quality of our products to keep your fleet moving – not just across the oceans, but into the future.


We keep one eye on what could happen next.  Our technical experts have a range of solutions to monitor your fleet and help solve complex problems or operational goals you have. We’re constantly seeking to mitigate risk and identify where small improvements can be made across multiple key areas of your fleet to help you save time and money.

Together, we can optimise your fleet’s performance and find efficiencies. You can count on us to be with you for every voyage.