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Castrol on Mars: podcast series

Castrol is proud to have been chosen by NASA, having worked in space for over 60 years, and everything we do in space goes into everything we do here on Earth.  

On 18 February 2021, Perseverance, the Mars Rover successfully landed on Mars, with Castrol’s fluid in its veins and mechanisms. It’s still going strong - performing 250 million miles away, in temperatures as low as minus 153 degrees Celsius. 


Perseverance beamed the sounds of Mars to us. And it got us thinking; what are the most extreme and remote environments on our own planet? 


We’ve spoken to some truly inspirational people who push themselves to their mental and physical limits, working with technologies on land sea and air. Places with machines that need similar Castrol products to those needed on Mars.


In this podcast series, these people help transport us to their worlds - from the darkest depths of the sea, to the middle of the desert - and beyond our stratosphere. Thanks to all who contributed, and we hope you enjoy listening.


EPISODE 1- "Witnessing a martian sunset"

The Mars Rover is on a mission to answer the most profound question of all time. But what is Perseverance really up against?

Castrol’s products are used in the Perseverance Rover. Find out more

episode 2 - "I've never returned home"

Astronauts Sandra Magnus and Dr. Robert Thirsk describe their time in one of the most challenging environments of all.


Castrol’s products are used in the international Space Station. Find out more

episode 3 - "When the helmet goes on"

In the cockpit, one mission – to win.  Formula E’s Sam Bird and World Rally’s Gus Greensmith describe their worlds from behind the visor.

Castrol is proud to be working alongside racing teams, drivers, and mechanics across the world, pushing technological advancement. Find out more

EPISODe 4 - “Making a cup of tea” 300FT in the sky

Richard Smith has a head for heights - he travels to the remotest locations, battles high winds, torrential rain and choppy waters, all against the clock to make sure the blades of the turbine keep spinning.

Castrol is proud to have over 30 years experience working in the wind energy industry with engineers and mechanics across the world. Find out more

episode 5 - "A giant playground of robots" 

From first fill to a fusion reactor, in this podcast we hear how robots are playing a crucial role in helping us to reach some of the most extreme and dangerous places on earth. 

Castrol is proud to be working with robotic technology and manufacturing across the world. Find out more

episode 6 - "A stingray with a bad attitude" 

Working under pressure takes on a whole new meaning when you're a saturation diver. Shannon Hovey transports us to an alien world, at the bottom of the ocean floor.


Castrol is proud to support marine, shipping, and subsea industries. Find out more


Episode 7- "It speaks through the steering wheel"  

There are challenging journeys being made every day that many of us take for granted. Mohammed Sadiq describes his relationship with the desert, his family, and his truck; the machine he depends on for survival.  

Castrol is proud to support truck drivers and mechanics across the world. Find out more


Episode 8- "Inside out"  

David Eyton, bp's former head of innovation and engineering, gives us his perspective on the challenges faced by engineers and scientists, the role robots will play in our future, and what it takes to perform under some of our planet's most extreme conditions on land, sea, and air.


Bonus track- "sounds of mars - wind remix"  

We were so inspired on hearing the sounds of Mars - recorded by Perseverance, the Mars Rover - we wanted to share this remix with you. Get those headphones on and enjoy our bonus track!