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Last update: 20.04.2022


Engine Warranty Terms and Conditions

This warranty provides additional protection for eligible customers in the event of oil-related engine damage to their vehicles. Customers must register for this warranty via online registration form and accept the following terms and conditions prior to making a claim otherwise they will not be covered by this additional warranty. This warranty does not affect a customer’s statutory rights including, without limitation, under Directive 85/374/EEC on Liability for Defective Products and does not purport to exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury. It is not a guarantee within the meaning of Directive 1999/44 on Consumer Sales and Guarantees.”

Subject to the following terms and conditions Castrol Limited agrees to reimburse the costs of the repair, or replacement of, any of the engine parts listed in CLAUSE 5 that are damaged or destroyed as a result of the use of an Applicable Product (defined in CLAUSE 4), used during an oil change at a participating Castrol AUTO SERVICE Workshop or Castrol SERVICE workshop.



1.1.    This warranty takes effect the later of (a) 30 days following the date of Service, or (b) the date on which the vehicle’s odometer reading reaches a combined cumulative reading of the mileage read at the Service plus 750 miles, which ever comes first.
1.2.    The warranty must be registered online by the legally registered owner or lessee or the vehicle within seven calendar days of the Service. This warranty is void if it is not registered within the registration period.

1.3.    By registering the warranty as provided herein, you expressly agree to be bound by the provisions of this warranty, including - but not limited to -  the ELIGIBILITY & CONDITIONS in CLAUSE 2, the WARRANTY PERIOD in CLAUSE 3 and the LIMITS OF LIABILITY provided in CLAUSE 6 below. 

1.4    Castrol has the right to withdraw this warranty at any time. 


A vehicle is eligible under this warranty if:
2.1.     It has a gasoline or diesel engine;
2.1.2.  It is privately owned and is a passenger car, SUV or a light commercial vehicle up to medium wheel base in length. The warranty does not extend to vehicles used for commercial, agricultural or farming purposes; and,
2.1.3.  At the time of the Service the odometer reads less than 100,000 miles and the vehicle is less than 12 years old.

2.1.4.  The relevant Service was performed at a participating Castrol AUTO SERVICE or Castrol SERVICE workshop, using the relevant Applicable Product. 


The warranty shall expire upon the earlier of:

3.1.    The date on which the vehicles odometer reading reaches a total that is equivalent to the mileage read at the Service plus 12,000 miles; or
3.2.    Twelve months after the date of the Service.



This warranty is provided in respect of the Castrol engine oil products listed below only (“Applicable Product”):

  • Castrol EDGE 
  • Castrol MAGNATEC 
  • Castrol GTX


Only the following listed engine parts are covered under this warranty:

  • Pistons and Rings
  • Turbo Bearings
  • Timing Chains
  • Cylinder Lining or Bore
  • Oil Pump
  • Rods and Rod Bearings
  • Balance Shafts & Push Rods
  • Cam Shaft & Bearings
  • Crankshaft & Bearings
  • Valve Liners
  • Rockers Arms & Pivots
  • Distributor Drive Gear (not applicable for diesel cars)
  • Wrist Pins & Bushings
  • Timing Gear & Sprockets
  • Valve Stems & Guides (Grinding adjustments excluded)

            -Valve Liners

            -Rockers Arms & Pivots



6.1.   In no event shall the liability of Castrol under this warranty exceed the lower of £3,000 (or the equivalent in the relevant payment currency) or the fair market value of the vehicle. 

6.2.   Where a vehicles odometer reading is equal to or in excess of 75,000 miles on the date of the Service, Castrol’s liability in respect of such vehicle will be limited to 50% of any claim and shall in no event exceed £1,500 (or the equivalent in any relevant payment currency).

6.3.   This warranty does not cover claims that are the result of collision, negligent or intentional abuse, improper service or maintenance, defect in manufacture, improper installation of any part, coolant contamination, typical vehicle mileage/age related engine wear, or the failure to keep the motor oil and engine coolant at the levels prescribed by the manufacturer. Castrol will not refuse payment for such claims that otherwise comply with the terms of this warranty, unless it demonstrates in good faith, that one or more of these causes resulted in the damage claimed.

6.4.   This warranty does not cover claims also covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty or any extended service contract. However, if you have otherwise complied with the terms of this warranty, Castrol will pay the deductible amount (if any) to be paid by you under any extended service contract purchased by you which covers such a claim.

6.5.    Nothing herein is intended to affect/impair/limit or otherwise restrict any statutory rights you may have under the applicable law. This warranty does not replace/restrict or otherwise affect the statutory conformity warranty for the Applicable Products under the law.  



7.1.  In the event you wish to make a claim under this warranty, you must provide Castrol with satisfactory evidence that you meet the Eligibility criteria set out in clause 2 
7.2.  Provide Castrol with satisfactory evidence that you meet the Eligibility criteria (CLAUSE 2).  Castrol recommends that you retain copies of invoices, receipts, service documentation, or repair orders, in order to evidence:

7.2.1.  that an Applicable Castrol Product was used during the Service; 

7.2.2.  that the Service was carried out in a participating Castrol AUTO SERVICE or Castrol SERVICE Workshop;

7.2.3  the date of the Service; and

7.2.4  the odometer reading on the date of Service.

  • a Castrol product was used during the Service;
  • the Service was carried out in a Castrol Auto Service or Castrol Service workshop ;
  • the date of the Service; and
  • the odometer reading on the date of Service.

7.3.  You must submit an itemised estimate of any repair work issued by a Castrol AUTO SERVICE or Castrol SERVICE workshop. Once submitted your claim will be reviewed by Castrol.

7.4.  Castrol reserves the right to have access to the vehicle’s engine to take photographs, to take samples of the engine oil, to have access to any failed engine parts, and to conduct testing on all provided samples. Engine oil analysis results could be considered in any claim arising out of this warranty.



8.1   In accepting any claim under these terms and conditions Castrol does not admit any liability for damage to your vehicle.

8.2  Castrol reserves the right to refuse any claim made by you under these terms and conditions should the conditions set out herein not be met.