UK Fleet Experience

Over the last 10 years, poor lubricating oil system cleanliness and varnishing have presented problems for gas turbines

All 30 turbines that formed part of our seven year study suffered significant varnishing problems when filled with any one of five different lubricant brands. 

Once converted to Castrol Perfecto XPG, all customers confirmed its effectiveness in reducing sludge and preventing varnish formation. As a result, all customers retained Perfecto XPG. 

The field study concluded:

  • Castrol Perfecto XPG consistently performed strongly against all key performance measures including prevention of sludge and varnishing.
  • All cases saw a step change in performance, with no reported varnishing problems while using Castrol Perfecto XPG.
  • Using Castrol Perfecto XPG dramatically improved system cleanliness, turbine reliability and availability. The need for regular tank cleaning and unplanned outages was eliminated and maintenance costs reduced.
  • Using supplementary cleaning systems does not address the root cause of the problem, just the symptoms. After filling with Castrol Perfecto XPG, treating the symptoms is not usually necessary.
  • Performance and varnish prevention is sustained even in arduous operating regimes such as 'peaking' and 'two shifting'.
  • Castrol Perfecto XPG drives performance improvement and is the proven solution to varnishing.

What about oil service life?

  • Over a quarter of the turbines have used Castrol Perfecto XPG for longer than six years and have demonstrated trouble-free operation.
  • Over 60% of the turbines have used Castrol Perfecto XPG for longer than three years and all have demonstrated trouble-free operation. Current oil condition suggests that at least a six year oil life is anticipated.
  • The 30 turbines have achieved over 0.5 million hours of trouble-free operation in the field running on Castrol Perfecto XPG.
Since its introduction in 2000, Castrol Perfecto XPG has proved to be particularly successful at reducing sludge and preventing varnish formation. It is now the turbine oil lubricant of choice for all 30 turbines.