Engineered Wood

Our Liquid Engineers help you make the right lubricant choice for your engineered wood presses

The high speeds and high temperatures that engineered wood presses are subject to, coupled with the need for lower lubricant consumption, puts increasing strain on both machinery and lubricants. 

Our Liquid Engineers have designed high-performance products, such as Viscogen KLK 28 and Viscogen KLK 25, Tribol 1421SG, to lubricate chains within presses, to provide: 
  • Protection against friction and wear at high temperatures – leading to longer chain life
  • Low coefficient of friction – for lower energy consumption
  • High temperature stability – to reduce lubricant consumption
  • No dripping or fling-off at high speeds or high temperatures – reducing waste
  • High oxidation resistance and no hard carbon build up – reducing residue accumulation and maintenance
Castrol chain oils, high-performance greases and gear oils help reduce downtime, improving productivity and overall profitability.

Our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products for your operations:


Recommended Products

Parallam Press Chains, Küsters Press, Siempelkamp ContiRoll and Dieffenbacher CPS

A fully synthetic oil for waste lubrication systems at high temperatures up to +250ºC/+482ºF, allows penetration into areas with narrow clearance (chain pins).
High Temperature Chain Oils for the most demanding high temperature chain applications. Their combination of extremely low volatility and low residue formation tendency reduces lubricants consumption.