Our solutions meet the needs of key industry areas – basic or commodity chemicals, life sciences, speciality chemicals and consumer products.

Our Liquid Engineers understand the chemical industry’s lubrication challenges, where adequate lubrication is needed despite the dilution effects of hydrocarbons – especially when used to compress feedstocks.

For more specialist chemical resistance, (e.g. to highly reactive oxidisers and fuels) to strong acids and alkalis, reactive gases are required.

We recognise that oxygen, chlorine-based oxidants, organic and inorganic oxidising agents, concentrated hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid and kerosene require low or even no solubility and chemical inertness at high temperatures.
We aim to help you overcome these challenges, with lubricant solutions that can help your operations run as efficiently as possible.

Our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products for your applications: 


Recommended Products

Hydrocarbon Gas Compressors

Non-reactive Lubricants