Trusted Advice

Our Liquid Engineers offer trusted technical, operational and purchasing advice to help you select the right lubricant to tackle the challenges you face

Having developed products and services to meet the specific needs of the metals industry, we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face, from bottlenecks, rising costs and maintenance to safety issues.

We use this knowledge to offer procurement, technical and operational advice and help in areas like testing and risk assessment. Our solutions can help our customers make informed buying decisions now and in the future, control costs and hit high levels of productivity.


Lubricant technology is constantly advancing, our innovative solutions and expert guidance help you keep pace

Continuously increasing productivity in a responsible manner is vital for maintaining a competitive edge. At the same time, fast-developing technical innovations make it difficult for you to have state-of-the-art applications and processes in place. 

Castrol has been working closely with the metals industry for many years, including involvement in the development and improvement of processes with customers, suppliers and other key industry groups. This experience across the industry enables our Liquid Engineers to understand the challenges you face and provide trusted technical advice when and wherever you need it.

We work closely with customers to provide tailored services built around your strategic needs. We know how important it is to have longer-lasting technologies to survive component wear and reduce failures. We know you need your equipment to operate longer for increased production reliability and output. 


Our Liquid Engineers offer advice to help keep your operations running smoothly and safely

Innovation and harnessing pioneering technology is critical to the success of metal manufacturing processes. The choices you make when it comes to equipment, solutions and industry suppliers can mean the difference between meeting exacting production standards and an operation that is failing to deliver. 

With vast experience in the metals industry, our Liquid Engineers recognise the challenges to the efficiency of your operations and offer the most suitable lubrication solutions to overcome them.

Our dedicated technical and field-based teams provide offer lubricant expertise across a range of market sectors and the advice we provide is trusted by some of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world. With close collaboration, we can help you reduce operational bottlenecks, achieve greater uptime and reduce costs. We can also keep you up to date with the latest product information, legislation listings and training opportunities online.



Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are committed to helping you source high-quality products for the right price whenever and wherever you need them. By investing time and resource to understand the specific needs of the metals industry, we aim to create value through our products and offers. 

Our Liquid Engineers offer advice to help you get the right lubricant solutions and greases to meet your specific needs, sourced within the timelines and budgets that your business demands. We know that decision-making is governed by other factors, and offer fair commercial terms and excellent account management, together with information like case studies and whitepapers to help you make informed buying decisions. We advise on the security of our supply, emergency contacts, and provide assurances that our products comply with the latest changes in legislation.

You can also access our portfolio of suppliers and distributors, find information on the key topics affecting the industry, and details of events, training and more that can have a positive effect on your organisation.