Welded Tube

Our Liquid Engineers offer extensive knowledge of critical welded tube manufacturing processes to help you meet lubrication challenges

Our Liquid Engineers have extensive knowledge of critical welded tube manufacturing processes such as roll forming, tube surface treatment and tube forming. Cleanliness, corrosion prevention and quality lubrication are crucial, but can be put at risk from contamination of coolant systems by lubricants, bacterial and fungal growth and swarf build-up. 

Health and Safety concerns and legislation changes focus tube mills on reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and provide a safe working environment. 


  • Fluid stability and fluid condition monitoring can reduce total waste stream output and prolong system life
  • Consumable costs can be reduced with compatible products for fluids and maintenance lubricants
Castrol’s understanding of the welded tube manufacturing industry has enabled our Liquid Engineers to create lubrication solutions to help you improve performance, product quality and consistency and achieve cost-savings. 

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of forming, cleaning and protecting fluids as well as a full range of compatible high-performance greases, gear and hydraulic oils that are resistant to rolling fluid ingress. These are designed to help you reduce the total cost of ownership by extending the life of your equipment and components.

Our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products for your operations:


Recommended product

Tube forming and rolling

Lubrication and cooling between forming rolls and steel strip and inter-operational corrosion protection


Tube cutting to the desired length


Reduces risk of failures caused by critical soils in subsequent process

Corrosion protection

Enhanced protection against corrosion during intermediate storage or transportation