Continuous Casters

Continuous machines play an important role in modern steel production, Castrol can help you ensure production levels.

Modern-day steel production relies heavily on continuous machines, and Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are committed to helping you maintain production levels and reduce your total cost of ownership. 

We understand the extreme conditions your machinery operates in with heavy loads, shock loads, continuous operation, severe contamination and high temperatures. We apply our knowledge and insight in continuous casters to identify how Castrol solutions can benefit your applications. We aim to help you increase uptime, lower maintenance and production costs and experience trouble-free operation.

Increasing the time between segment rebuilds is a key objective in the continuous casters plant. Most manufacturers have a target for the slab caster segment campaign of over two years. We aim to help the life of the roll bearings meet that target.

High failure rates on withdraw gear boxes can often cost production time and increase labour and equipment costs. Our solutions can help by extending the service life of the gear applications. 

Our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products for your operations:

Continuous Casting


Recommended product

Release agents for continuous casting of steel, in particular for the production of multi-edged profiles and blanks for structural steels.

Casting Floor


Recommended product

Oscillator Hydraulic system

Caster Run Out Tables and Cooling Bed

Caster Segments/Straightener units


Recommended product

Segment Roll Bearings and Straightener Roll Bearings

Straightener Gear Boxes & Drive Roll Gear Boxes


Torch Bearings

Caster Run out tables and Cooling bed