Cold Mill

Our Liquid Engineers combine experience in metalworking fluids with steel industry expertise to help improve cold mill operations

Our Liquid Engineers combine experience in metalworking fluids with steel industry expertise to help improve cold mill operations

The Cold Mill is where value is added in the steel making process. Our Liquid Engineers have applied process and application expertise to help you meet the challenges the cold mill presents. 

We understand that you need to improve productivity and reduce maintenance downtime by increasing the life of critical bearings in the cold mill, decrease your consumption of grease / circulating oils on work and back up rolls and increase the life of spindle couplings

There is added pressure to meet health and safety concerns and legislative changes by reducing the environmental impact of steel mill manufacturing processes and assuring a safe working environment for employees.


Our comprehensive product ranges help deliver value to operations within the cold mill. We bring best-in-class synthetic fluid technology to life in cold rolling applications by delivering the advantages of neat oils and emulsions while overcoming the challenges each brings. The synthetic technology reduces coolant consumption and waste volumes, and delivers greater operational consistency, improved surface quality and an improved operating environment.

For skin pass or temper rolling, our temper fluids are designed to deliver excellent cleaning ability and corrosion protection for high quality finished products. To protect the final products in the cold mill, our corrosion preventives are designed to offer product quality and consistency.
Castrol’s strong relationships with leading OEMs have helped us develop a wide range of approved lubrication solutions to fulfil cold rolling mill machine specifications and requirements. By reducing maintenance overheads, our solutions help lower overall production costs throughout the cold rolling mill. Productivity increases are matched by enhanced environmental compliance.

Our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products for your operations:

Cold Rolling

Recommended product

Our extensive Iloform range includes neat and soluble rolling oils as well as innovative synthetic fluid technology that can help improve the overall strip quality and consistency, enhance your HSE performance and reduce your process costs.

Wet Tempering

Recommended product

Our extensive Iloform range includes high performance wet temper fluids, exhibiting good corrosion protection characteristics and a low foaming tendency, designed to maximise production by increasing the availability in the skin pass mill and give extreme cleanliness on both strip and mill.

Steel mill applied corrosion protection and lubrication

Recommended product

Our portfolio of corrosion preventives includes neat oils offering excellent corrosion protection to all grades of uncoated and coated steel, particularly suitable for electro galvanized surfaces. 
Our comprehensive Iloform range includes prelube and hot melt solutions developed specifically to cope with the latest requirements for the variety of steel coatings used within various industries today.

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