Blast Furnace

Focused lubrication expertise helps your blast furnace operations deliver more

Production lost in the melt shop can never be recovered. Optimising tap-to-tap time improves yield and helps achieve cost-effective operations. At Castrol, we have focused our lubrication expertise to create solutions to help you:
  • improve your productivity
  • reduce equipment failures
  • improve equipment performance
  • reduce overall maintenance costs
Castrol’s experts recognise the importance of the blast furnace and the challenges your operations and applications face – from high to extreme temperature exposure, moderate to high gear and bearing loads and dirty and dusty environments. 

We can help you tackle these challenges by recommending products to meet your specific needs - whether for your furnace top, air handling fans or overhead cranes. Best-use practice support from our Liquid Engineers can help you achieve greater efficiency and reliability.

Our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products for your operations: 

Furnace Top


Recommended product

Oxygen-compatible grease for valves

Air Handling Fans


Recommended product

Electric Motor

Overhead Cranes