Iron & Steel

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers can help you unlock hidden value in your iron & steel manufacturing processes

By applying our understanding of your lubrication needs and insight into total cost of ownership, our Liquid Engineers can help you improve productivity, reduce your manufacturing costs and improve your market competitiveness.

Our products and services are designed to help: 
  • Increase uptime by extending maintenance intervals and machinery availability
  • Provide trouble-free operation between scheduled maintenance
  • Decrease the volume of lubricant used and reduce waste costs
  • Extend equipment life and reduce component replacement costs
  • Reduce energy costs
We understand that machinery often has to operate in extreme conditions, from heavy loads, shock loads and continuous operation, to severe contamination and temperatures. Your operations also have to meet health and safety and legislative standards. We understand that the industry is under pressure to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing processes, particularly within the steel mill, and the importance of providing a safe working environment.

That is why Castrol offers such a comprehensive range of high-performance greases, gear, hydraulic, circulating, rolling, forming and cutting oils and corrosion preventives and cleaners – designed to help you meet your challenges, and reduce your total cost of ownership by extending the life of equipment and components.