Our understanding of manufacturing processes and customers’ expectations mean we can help you improve production and lower operational costs to stay competitive

Our Liquid Engineers understand the market pressure facing manufacturers of pumps, compressors, refrigeration and air conditioning machinery where cost and output quality drive competition. 

The increasing demand for more complex parts and new materials challenges both metalworking fluid performance and tool life. At the same time, health and safety legislation also means that manufacturers need to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes, and assure a safe working environment for their employees.

Our comprehensive range of lubrication products cover the complete manufacturing process chain – including forming and cutting fluids, cleaners and corrosion preventives – to help you meet these challenges.  Castrol’s high-performance greases, gear and hydraulic oils can help you to reduce your cost of ownership by extending equipment and component life.

Compressors, Heat Exchangers & Pumps:

The manufacturing of compressors, heat exchangers and pumps involves different operations, our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products:

Forming of all metals

Cutting & grinding of all metals from honing/grinding to broaching and reaming

Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Cleaning of all metals

Corrosion Protection on Ferrous alloys