Our wide range of lubricants, fluids and cleaners help you improve productivity and meet the challenges of customer demands and industry standards

As electrical and electronic markets change and the demands placed on electronics production grow, our Liquid Engineers understand the pressures you face to stay competitive. 

Shorter product lifecycles mean processes need to be faster than ever. That’s why our metalworking fluids and cleaners have been engineered to deliver cost savings by extending tool and coolant life and improving productivity while managing the safety of your workforce. 

Compatible with a diverse range of materials and alloys, our products deliver excellent surface finish and meet stringent anti-corrosion tests and quality standards. Our experts can help you select the right metalworking fluids and cleaners to help keep your business competitive in the face of new customer demands and regulations.

Electrical & Electronic manufacturing

Our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products for your electrical and electronic manufacturing operations: 

Rough machining

Solutions for initial cutting operations post forging or turning, boring and hobbing 

Forming of all metals

Minimum Quantity Lubrication MQL

Cleaning of all metals

Corrosion protection on ferrous alloys