We recognise the challenges of gear-manufacturing processes and provide solutions and services to help reduce costs and improve productivity

The fast rate of change in gear box markets puts fresh demands on gear-manufacturing processes. Castrol’s Liquid Engineers understand the challenges you face when it comes to staying competitive.

We have in-depth experience of applications throughout the process chain, including areas such as cutting and grinding. Our strong relationships with the leading Machine Tool Manufacturing (MTM) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and lubrication expertise, makes us well placed to help you fulfil your relevant machine specifications and requirements.

We know that escalating costs and downtime can hinder progress, and have developed solutions to help you improve productivity and quality. Our Engineers play a critical role in helping you meet the demands for high levels of surface quality, tolerance and cleanliness in the face of changing customer needs and regulations.

Our products are compatible with a diverse range of materials and alloys, and our experts can help you select the most appropriate metalworking fluids and cleaners to keep your gear-manufacturing processes competitive and efficient.

Gears manufacturing

The manufacturing of gears includes different operations on ferrous alloys also reflecting the metallurgy. Our Liquid Engineers recommend the following products for these process steps:


Solutions for different forming operations of ferrous parts, such as planetary carriers, camshaft adjusters

Rough machining

Solutions for initial cutting operations post forging or turning, boring and hobbing 

Inter-operational cleaning

Reducing failures that particulate soils in the finish machining process causes

Heat treatment

Quenching of various ferrous parts

Finish machining

Solutions for final grinding and honing process

Final cleaning

Matching required cleanliness levels and providing temporary corrosion protection prior to assembly

Corrosion protection

Enhanced protection against corrosion during intermediate storage or transportation