Trusted Advice from Castrol Automotive

Our Liquid Engineers are always available to give you trusted advice when it comes to optimising the performance and reliability of your automotive operations in a safe and sustainable manner.

Having developed our products and services to meet the specific needs of the automotive industry, we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face, from bottlenecks, downtime and tightening controls over output, to the pressure to keep performance levels high and more.

We use this knowledge to offer procurement, technical and operational advice and help in areas like machinery testing and risk assessment. Our solutions can help our customers make informed decisions now and in the future. They will help you learn about innovations and help tackle challenges such as downtime and manufacturing costs.

With experience of developing products for extreme environments and applications, we can also offer support on high-performance, high-temperature and high-viscosity lubricants.


Our Liquid Engineers know just how fast lubricant technology can move in the automotive sector, which is why our innovative solutions and expert guidance are designed to optimise your operations.

Lubricant technology plays a critical role in keeping the automotive industry moving forward – and our Liquid Engineers can deliver quality that can keep your operations working as seamlessly and sustainably as possible.

Technology moves fast in the automotive sector and we know just how crucial it is to keep pace to optimise operational performance.

Castrol has been working alongside the automotive industry for over 100 years, including research and the development and improvement of processes with customers suppliers and other key industry groups.

Castrol and our parent company BP continue to be committed to the development of the industry and improvement of lubrication, production techniques and safety. Our vast industry experience enables us to  understand the challenges you face and provide trusted technical advice when and wherever you need it.

Our Liquid Engineers work closely with our customers to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. We know it can be hard to keep up with the latest innovations while also overcoming the technical challenges you’re confronted with. You need to keep performance levels high, even during tight project timescales.

We also know that you’re often managing heavy project and production workloads, which is why our experts provide you with everything you need to enjoy the kind of efficiency and reliability that can make a real and lasting difference. 

We can help you find the right products and services to meet your specific technical needs and ensure they’re supplied on time, within budget and in a sustainable manner. We work with some of the largest brands in the Automotive industry to achieve high quality, high productivity and lower costs.

We also understand the importance of health, safety and the environment (HSE) and work tirelessly to ensure that we’re helping you keep your operations as safe and as sustainable as possible with support when it comes to best use and risk assessment. All of our technical advice has been proven to help you overcome downtime and disruption to your supplies.


You need your automotive operations to run as seamlessly as possible, which is why Castrol’s Liquid Engineers help ensure that bottlenecks are kept to a minimum – allowing you to focus on optimising productivity.

We can help you identify the right lubricants to make more effective decisions that can enhance the efficiency of your operations.

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers know that you need to make smart decisions when it comes to your choice of lubricants, which is why we support you to keep your operations working efficiently.

With vast experience in the Automotive industry, we recognise the main challenges you face and the most suitable lubricant offers to overcome them.

For example, we know that bottlenecks and downtime can be costly – both in terms of productivity and finance. We also know that you’re consistently being asked to deliver more with less, and that the production process can sometimes cause you headaches. You know just how important quality is – quality that you’re intent on maintaining, but hitting and maintaining standards against a backdrop of tightening controls over output is a huge challenge. Cost is key, but it’s far from your only consideration in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment.

Choosing the right solution is essential and with Castrol you can rest assured that our advice and guidance will help you choose correctly for your automotive operation – no matter where you’re operating. 

We offer high-performance lubrication products, solutions, services and training designed to help you overcome your challenges in a safe and sustainable manner. We can also help you implement new technologies to help reduce downtime and increase productivity.

We’re passionate about supporting you as you strive to reduce manufacturing costs while keeping production levels and supplies high. We use a dedicated technical and field-based team which aims to bring production excellence across a range of market sectors. We’re continually looking to improve our expertise and knowledge to bring you solutions to your needs and requirements.

Our advice is trusted by hundreds of the biggest companies in the world and we can help you achieve the uptime you strive for.

We can also keep up-to-date with the latest product information, legislation listings and training opportunities online.


Castrol’s Liquid Engineers work hard to offer those in automotive procurement market-leading solutions, exceptional value, high security of supply and expert technical advice.

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are committed to helping you source high-quality products for the right price whenever and wherever you need them.

We know that all customers want good products offering good value. This is why Castrol spends significant resource to understand our customers’ specific needs and create value through our products and offers. Our products are benchmarked against the best in the industry.

We know that this demanding industry means our customers need to match the right products to meet specific needs within the timelines that you and your business demand.

However, we also know that decision-making is governed by other factors, which is why our solutions also include fair commercial terms and excellent account management. We also provide information, including case studies and whitepapers, and guidance on the security of our supply offered by the industry’s best and emergency contacts, as well as assurances that our products comply with the latest changes in legislation.

All of this means you can be assured that the information we provide will help you make informed buying decisions to help you get the best deal and keep within your budget. This means we will help you to minimise the impact of disruptions when they occur and resolve any issues you may face in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner.

You can also access our portfolio of suppliers and distributors, find information on the key topics affecting the industry, and details of events and other pertinent things you may feel can have a positive effect on your organisation.