Castrol’s Liquid Engineers and our range of innovative products, services and technologies can help improve the efficiency and reliability of your operations.

As a components producer, we understand the strong market pressure you are under to reduce the overall cost of operations and improve productivity and efficiency. 

Our Liquid Engineers use their expertise in applications throughout the automotive manufacturing process to provide innovative solutions, services and products. Our product technology helps provide longer equipment life, lower consumption and improve productivity.
Our strong relationships with the leading  Machine Tool Manufacture (MTM) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) has helped us develop a wide range of approved lubricants to fulfil all required machine specifications.

Our expertise can help you achieve greater reliability, consistency and economic competitiveness in this developing market.


Brake, Chassis, Exhaust System, Injection System/Fuel System, Wheels, Accessories


Recommended product

Cutting & grinding of all metals

Solutions for all cutting operations from honing/grinding to broaching and reaming

Forming of all metals

Solutions for all relevant forming operations, such as deep drawing, sheet metal stamping, fine blanking, tube forming etc.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Solutions for different cutting and forming operations

Cleaning of all metals

Match required cleanliness levels and provide temporary corrosion protection before assembly

Corrosion protection on ferrous alloys

Heat treatment on ferrous alloys

Solutions for quenching of various ferrous parts

Maintenance Lubrication

A comprehensive range of lubricants and greases for multiple applications.


Recommended product

Gear Oils

Hydraulic oils

Slideway Oils

Compressor Oils

Spindle oils

Multi-purpose high performance greases

Multi-purpose grease

Spindle Grease