Our Liquid Engineers develop lubricants to help maintain equipment and offer chain oils that ensure paint compatibility, avoid ‘fish eye’ and reduce re-working.

We recognise that auto assembly and paint shop are key to an automotive plant and have a bearing on the final throughput of a plant and the final product customers see in the dealerships. 

We are passionate about providing advice and global solutions that benefit your processes and efficiency.  With best-in-class products, extensive lubrication expertise and experience, we aim to deliver optimum operating efficiency by maximising uptime at minimum cost.

Working closely with paint suppliers and chain manufacturers, we offer global product consistency, ensuring best practice transfer across your regional manufacturing facilities.

We will work closely with you to tailor solutions to your unique and individual needs, incorporating the latest technology and combining it with the traditional approach for which Castrol is synonymous with.

Assembly Lines

Assembly Lines

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers know that the most critical applications in assembly lines are the conveyor chains and their gearboxes, and that one of the main factors affecting plant efficiency is machinery downtime. 

Minimising this downtime and unplanned maintenance is the priority of production management, which is why our Liquid Engineers recommend using planned lubrication scheduling and predictive machine condition monitoring regimes, along with the right lubricants, to help to increase uptime.

For your assembly line operations, the following products come recommended by our Liquid Engineers:


Recommended product

Paint Shop


Castrol’s Liquid Engineers have designed specific lubricants to help address the issues that face the production management of a paint line.

We know that any lubricants used must be compatible with the paint fluids, otherwise you can experience poor paint adherence to the metal surface. This in turn can lead to loss of production and vehicles requiring re-finish. 

Our experts recognise that this issue needs to be confronted prior to a lubricant being used for any application in the paint shop. Moreover, the OEMs demand that the products undergo a formal in-house testing and approval procedure prior to being used.
For your paint shop operations, the following products are recommended by our Liquid Engineers:


Recommended product