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Lubricant packaging options

Packaging warehouse workers
A broadpackage supply portfolio helps make your daily work easier and safer


Castrol offers a full range of lubricant products, supply modes and services to help you maintain high standards of efficiency and productivity.


Flexible supply mode

Castrol’s lubricants are supplied in varying forms from packages, either as a solid or as a liquid, and can be supplied in small tubes, vessels or large tanks capable of holding thousands of liters of liquid. Our flexible approach means that lubricants can be supplied using a range of different options, including packs that can operate at very high pressures and tanks that hold lubricants at very low temperatures. All of our supply modes are available in sizes to suit the needs of every business, from the sole trader to the large enterprise – scaling from low-volume through to high-capacity tanks and customizable on-site supply systems. Castrol works with you to match the lubricant supply to your demand.

  • Small packs
  • Pails and kegs
  • Drums
  • Bulk: Intermediaries Bulk Containers (IBC) – 1000l. Varying fill volumes. 1000 lt

Pumped from drums

Small packs

Castrol offers a wide range of individual packages suitable for small volumes of lubricants. Some specialist lubricants are required in very small quantities. Small packs offer a high degree of versatility and flexibility. Castrol can provide small packs in 40 sizes and in fill volumes from 2oz to 15lbs.

Best for:

  • Handling
  • Small or very small volume use
  • Infrequent use

20l greases are supplied in open-topped and liquids in tight-top options. Steel and plastic options are available, lined or unlined.

Varying fill volumes are available from Castrol:

  • 18kg
  • 30kg
  • 20l
  • 18l
  • 5G
  • 37lb

Best for:

  • Handling
  • Small volume use
  • Limited space/stacking required

Where you require larger volume lubricant supply, we can provide large-size package vessels, designed to meet high standards of quality and safety. The 55-gallon drum is the most common supply mode used by industry. Steel and plastic options are available in varying fill volumes:

  • 180kg
  • 200kg
  • 400lb
  • 55G
  • 208l
  • 200l

Best for:

  • Constant consumption
  • Forklift available. A full drum can weigh approx. 450lb/204kg

For high-volume requirements and operations suited to piped supplies of lubricants, a bulk-storage vessel installed on site offers the most efficient and convenient solution.

IBCs typically come in pack sizes of:

  • 1,000kg
  • 320G
  • 950kg
  • 980kg
  • 2,400lb
  • 2,600lb
  • 2,050lb
  • 3,400lb
  • 440G
  • 3,800lb
  • 4,300lb
  • 1,400lb

Best for:

  • High-volume consumption
  • Forklift available

Environmental legislation plays a role in the packaging industry. Castrol complies with legislation and offers solutions that enhance your own health, safety and environmental offering. These rules apply to fuel oil and any chemical or liquid which could cause a threat to the environment if it comes into contact with the ground. We can work with you to help address ancillary and dispensing equipment too.

For further information on the regulations, contact your local Environment Agency UK : http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/business/topics/oil/default.aspx

Vessels should always be handled and stored properly according to the Safety Data Sheet recommendation to avoid contamination and deterioration. Moisture, dust, fumes, temperature and shelf life could all affect the quality and performance of your lubricant. Care should be taken when handling your lubricant package.