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Castrol lubricants worldwide delivery service

Castrol Lubricants Worldwide Delivery Service
Flexible and reliable delivery options that support your business


Reliable and flexible delivery options offered by Castrol help ensure process efficiency and operational consistency for our customers. Our worldwide delivery service offers allow for reliable and continuous availability of lubricants, and enable us to provide a rapid response to unexpected challenges concerning your lubricant demands.

To find out more, or to hear about more specific service offers available in your area, contact your local sales representatives or customer service agent.

Delivery options

Our guidance can help you reduce operating costs, cut environmental emissions, enhance safety levels and improve product quality. The fully trained drivers who make Castrol’s scheduled deliveries can provide qualified advice about the safe storage of lubricants. Whatever type of delivery you need, we are on hand wherever and whenever you operate. We provide correct documentation with every load, and can meet any requests for Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Conformity or Material Safety Data Sheets.

Mini bulk secondary distribution is executed by multi-compartment road tankers, loaded from plant bulk storage tanks or, in some cases IBCs. Product is pumped from the road tanker into the customer’s tank. Mini bulk is typically limited to up to 5,000l drop size.

Customers can collect designated stock items from our warehouses.

Our emergency delivery service helps ensure that your supply remains unaffected by unforeseen circumstances.

Products can be ordered from stock or made to order depending on your location or product type. Lead times and minimum order quantities will depend on delivery mode, product type and the distance from the supply point. We accept orders in many forms, including email and through our delivery portal. Our Customer Service team can help answer your supply and delivery questions.