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Castrol bio : our responsible products to reduce environmental impact

Castrol Bio: Our Responsible Products to Reduce Environmental Impact
A range of specialist lubricants designed to help reduce the environmental impact of your operations


Our Liquid Engineers have developed these products to meet the challenges presented by the growing consumption of oil and gas, which drives the exploration for fossil fuels into deeper, unknown, sensitive marine environments. Using environmentally responsible lubricants is critical to help reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas exploration and production activities, and help conserve marine biological diversity.

Castrol Bio Range is designed to provide the oil and gas industry with products that offer significant and scientifically demonstrable improvements in environmental performance compared to conventional products. Targeted for use in applications considered to present a risk to the marine environment though leaks and spills, Bio Range is easy to retrofit.


Environmental leadership


We focus on developing lubricants that demonstrate excellent environmental performance, and support them with expertise in legislation, handling, storage, usage and disposal.


Technology innovation


Castrol’s commitment to the continual development of advanced, high-performing lubricants means that our Liquid Engineers test them above and beyond industry standards to ensure we can support your needs in increasingly challenging operating conditions.


Castrol BioRange responsible performance


Castrol Bio Range is an easy to retrofit alternative to conventional oils designed to minimize the environmental impact of accidental spillage into the open sea. Our Liquid Engineers have tested them extensively for marine biodegradation, toxicity and biodegradation to be sure that they provide improved environmental characteristics to equivalent conventional products.