Castrol Go! 4T Featuring Trizone Technology™

Exclusive Trizone Technology protects the three critical areas of the motorcycle to ensure a trouble free ride time after time. Castrol Go! formulations are value engineered to be our most affordable lubrication solution.

ZONE 1- Protects engine by absorbing contaminants and prevents formation of deposits on pistons and rings. 
ZONE 2- Protects clutch from wear and tear by creating grip between clutch plates to prevent slipping.
ZONE 3- Protects gearbox from scoring with anti-wear additives that help prevent metal to metal contact.

Castrol Go! 2T Featuring Deposit Control Formula

Exclusive Deposit Control Formula that is designed to ensure a trouble-free ride time after time. Deposit Control Formula is ideal for 2-Stroke Motorcycle and Lawncare Equipment

ZONE 1- Protects against the build-up of carbon deposits on the piston and spark plug
ZONE 2- Ensures fast and reliable starting
ZONE 3- Visibly reduces exhaust smoke in comparison with conventional mineral oils

Exceeds specifications: JASO FD, API TC, ISO-L-EGD