Castrol MoreCircular for Business

If your company uses heavy duty engine oils or hydraulic fluids this program can help towards your sustainability goals.

Lower carbon footprint lubricants1 for your business

Currently only about 20%2 of used oil generated in the US is re-refined to base oils. Castrol MoreCircular is a program designed to reduce the carbon footprint of lubricants1 by creating a more circular economy. It includes the collection of used oil as well as the supply of lower carbon footprint lubricants1. Castrol MoreCircular lubricants offer the same high quality and performance as their traditional versions with an estimated 20-40% lower3 carbon footprint. They are produced to specification and meet or exceed the latest OEM and industry standards so that you do not have to choose between premium quality and sustainability. 



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How Castrol MoreCircular works

The-end-to-end offer begins with used oil collection from customers such as fleet maintenance shops or industrial sites by our partner Safety-Kleen. The used oil is then re-refined to remove impurities and to recover the base oil4. With our cutting-edge technology, re-refined base oil like this is blended with tailored additive technology to engineer MoreCircular lubricants. When participating customers purchase these lubricants, they help develop a more circular lubricants industry in the United States. 
Watch the video and find out more about how MoreCircular works.
How Castrol MoreCircular works

Our quality assurance - same performance


Successful customer trials demonstrate that our lower carbon footprint lubricants1 offer the same high performance as the versions containing virgin base oil. For our Castrol VECTON heavy duty engine oils we ran over 37,0005 hours of successful field tests. These included a long drain fleet trial with refuse collection trucks doing 900-1200 stops per day. The result: after 1200h of testing the MoreCircular VECTON oil proved excellent wear control and oxidation stability6

Tested on the racetrack


In NASCAR, since the 2022 Talladega Race, Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing (RFK) have been successfully using Castrol engine oils specially formulated for them using over 50% RRBO in both their cars. 


The result: the same high performance as the versions made using virgin base oil.

Formula E

In Formula E, the Jaguar TCS Racing team became the first motorsport team to use the Castrol ON EV Transmission Fluid in the Jaguar I-TYPE 6 in a more circular way. Used Castrol ON EV Transmission Fluid was extracted from the race car, re-refined and blended with performance additives to create a new batch. This re-refined Castrol ON EV Transmission Fluid was deployed in place of the virgin oil version and successfully used at the 2023 Monaco E-Prix.  


The result: the same high performance as the versions made using virgin base oil.

The MoreCircular product range

Our MoreCircular product range currently includes premium heavy duty engine oils as well as hydraulic fluids.  

Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Castrol VECTON 10W-30 FA-4

Castrol VECTON 15W-40 CK-4

Castrol VECTON Long Drain 10W-30 CK-4

Castrol VECTON Multi-Fuel 10W-30 CK-4/NG

Castrol VECTON Multi-Fuel 15W-40 CK-4/NG

Castrol CRB Multi 10W-30 CK-4

Castrol CRB Multi 15W-40 CK-4 

Hydraulic Fluids

Castrol Dual Range HV 32 

Castrol Dual Range HV 46

Castrol Hyspin AWS 46

Castrol Hyspin AWS 32

Castrol Hyspin AWS 68 

1 These lubricants achieve a lower carbon footprint by using re-refined base oils in place of some or all of the virgin base oils traditionally present in Castrol lubricants, resulting in lower cradle to gate production emissions. 
2 Kline Global Used Oil and Re-refined Lubricants: Market Analysis and Opportunities, February 2024; base year: 2022 and 2023 
3 Cradle-to-gate lifecycle carbon intensities, including the estimated 20-40% reduction referred to above, have been estimated and assessed by independent carbon footprinting consultancy Environmental Resources Management (ERM). ERM has confirmed that all estimates and assessments conducted by ERM are carried out in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting & Reporting Standard. Emissions factors used for both re-refined and virgin base oils are proxy values supplied by ERM. 
4 Some used oil cannot be re-refined, either due to contamination or re-refining proximity. In Safety-Kleen’s experience, ninety-five percent (95%) of used oil it collects is re-refined. 
5 Based on field trial testing of Castrol Vecton Long Drain and Castrol Vecton Multi-Fuel 
6 Image for illustration only. We performed a 1200h fleet trial with refuse collection trucks doing 900-1200 stops per day. The result: excellent performance. Test based on field testing of Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W-30.