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Castrol’s suite of wind solutions is designed to drive the success of your wind farm, delivering high-grade lubricants, advanced analytics and expert training to upskill your workforce.


Wind industry success: we help make it happen

Castrol is chosen by leading turbine manufacturers for first fill when their machines go out to market. We are the trusted supplier for thousands of wind farms across the globe, not just for the warranty period, but for the entire working life.


Preparing you for the future 

Demand for wind energy is on the rise as the trend towards renewables gathers pace. Are you prepared to exploit the growing opportunities?

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Of all global energy is already supplied by 400,000 turbines.

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There will be millions of new turbines in on- and offshore locations.

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Wind turbines could generate nearly a third of all energy.

Graph of demand increasing


Demand will be six times higher than today.

Our suite of solutions for the wind industry will fuel your performance and growth, positioning you for long-term success.  


As well as high-grade lubricants for optimal turbine performance, Castrol provides advanced analytics and dedicated training for your employees.

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360 Solutions. 360 Success.

Castrol’s three-pronged approach.


At Castrol, our suite of solutions, technology, partners and investments are all engineered to deliver against these three challenges

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360 degree solutions image
360 degree solutions image
360 degree solutions image

Unique gear protection optimizes efficiency for less downtime

Our Optigear range of lubricants delivers greater efficiency by reducing wear and downtime.

Castrol Optigear Synthetic CT 320
  • Over 100,000 MWs choose CT 320 for main drive lubrication
  • Entering 13 years of service without an oil change
  • Runs 8°C cooler than other wind gear oils, for less wear and greater efficiency.
  • Generates up to 28% less foam than competitors.
  • Resists gearbox breakdown better, meaning less downtime.
  • Offers simple maintenance and fewer technical challenges for mixed turbine fleets.
  • Gives you control over your levelized cost of energy (LCOE).
Castrol Optigear Synthetic X 320
  • Reduces gear friction by 30% more than other available wind gear oils.
  • Delivers best-in-class surface protection.
  • Provides greater gearbox breakdown resistance, for less downtime.
  • Suited for high capacity wind turbine gears• Also ideal in oil-lubricated rolling element bearings. • Significantly slows any further damage in pre-micropitted gears
Castrol Optigear Synthetic X 320 AD
  • Additive pack dosage which is added to gearbox oil Castrol Optigear Synthetic X 320 to replenish additives and ensure longer life from the oil.
  • Minimizing carbon footprint (through higher life and less related waste).
  • Reduces HSSE risk (associated with oil change).
  • Lowers LCOE.
  • Can eliminate up to two oil changes of turbine main gearbox over the turbine lifetime.

Protect your critical wind turbine components

Castrol Tribol GR SW 460-1 is designed to meet the challenges of tough environmental conditions in hard-to-reach locations with long re-lubrication intervals.

Castrol Tribol GR SW 460-1
  • Withstands high/shock loads.
  • Resists shearing and wear (fretting, rolling, sliding).
  • Resists water ingress and corrosion.
  • Has good mobility at low temperatures for easy start-up.
  • Saves energy and prolongs component life due to reduced friction.
  • Has controlled bleed rate and oil separation.
  • Reduces downtime.

Maximum quality, minimum cost

Castrol Hyspin AWH-M 32 Superclean delivers great reliability, durability and cost efficiency. 

Castrol Hyspin AWH-M 32 Superclean
  • Is usable over wide temperature ranges due to high viscosity index and low pour point.
  • Has excellent anti-wear performance giving extended wear protection for hydraulic pumps.
  • Has superior water separation for longer lubricant life and increased equipment reliability.
  • Reduces downtime and saves on replacement part costs.
  • Is a cleaner system with less frequent filter change.
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Move away from reliance on scheduled monitoring at intervals. Instead, get real-time information and trending analytics about each turbine in your fleet. 


Castrol SmartSensor, powered by ONYX InSight’s ecoCMS solution, offers 24/7, inline condition monitoring through the latest digital technology. 


Castrol SmartSensor lets you:

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Monitor your assets remotely.
Image showing time
Get real-time, actionable data.
Production Image
Keep production going.
Risk symbol
Reduce HSSE risk of climbing towers.

Services designed to drive your success

Castrol does more than simply supply the lubricants. We’re committed to driving your success with a range of services for wind farm operators.


Castrol Grease Flush optimizes maintenance and enhances revenue.

As turbines age, the main bearing failure rate increases, resulting in increased downtime, lower production and added expenses – impacting LCOE.


Castrol Grease Flush service combines:

  • Superior grease from Castrol.
  • Patented bearing flushing process from ONYX InSight.
  • Monitoring and intelligence solutions.

Helps to optimize maintenance cycles and enhance your wind farm’s revenue.


Castrol Wind Academy

Our training programme equips site managers and technicians with the latest knowledge and skills to perform at the highest level while getting the best from the products, tools and services they use every day.


  • Enrich
    your technicians and site managers with industry knowledge and expertise.


  • Educate 
    your team on how some of the leading solutions and dedicated support can help.


  • Optimize
    operation efficiency and maintenance of your wind-turbine drivetrain.
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Reduce your environmental impact

Together we can make a sustainable difference.


Castrol carbon neutral

Castrol Optigear Synthetic CT 320 and Castrol Optigear Synthetic X 320 are the world’s first carbon-neutral gear oils for wind turbines.


  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Meet your sustainability goals..
  • Help make the world a more sustainable place. 

Get in touch with your Castrol representative to learn more about how Castrol wind solutions can help lower your levelized cost of energy, reduce your environmental impact and help your teams develop their knowledge and skills.

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