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Metal Goods Industry Lubricants
Castrol’s Liquid Engineers can help components producers deliver reliability, consistency and economic competitiveness in a demanding market.


Castrol’s Liquid Engineers understand the continuous pressure components producers are under to reduce costs, increase improve productivity, and improve health, safety and environment performance.

The constant evolution of materials, design and manufacturing techniques present multiple challenges for manufacturers of metal goods.


Today, rapid prototyping methods produce delicate parts good for sizing and ergonomic studies. Lasers now perform several applications in metal parts manufacturing, like laser cutters used in sheet metal industries. Similarly, new fabrication technology for metal parts, like laser-assisted arc welding, can rapidly produce part moulds directly from CAD files, bypassing the traditional need for tooling. New metal casting technology can reduce the time from initial design to production, but it presents application challenges.

All of these advances present lubrication challenges, and the selection of the right oil supplier is important. Castrol has expertise in all applications within the manufacturing process chain – from cutting and grinding to forming, cleaning, heat treatment and corrosion protection. Our Liquid Engineers can help you improve productivity and reach your goals.

Our strong relationships with leading Machine Tool Manufacturing (MTM) OEMs have helped us develop a wide range of approved lubricants to fulfill machine specifications and requirements.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you deliver reliability, consistency and economic competitiveness in a demanding and constantly developing market.

For your operations, the following products are recommended by our Liquid Engineers:

Cutting & Grinding of all metals

Cutting & Grinding of all metals