Buying Premium Castrol products can unlock opportunities for you to grow.

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Premium Lubricants and rewards


Castrol values your shop no matter the size. With over 125 years of providing high quality lubricants and partnering with our customers, we know what it takes to win in auto services. By purchasing Castrol products at your shop, you can unlock access to Castrol SYNC, Castrol’s digital platform designed to help you grow your business.


Castrol Quick Lube Offering

Castrol doesn’t believe in charging fees to our customers. Instead, we want to grow with you as a true partner, which is why we have created the Castrol Premium Lube Express (CPLE) program. This program is designed for Quick Lubes looking to take their growth to the next level without all the headache of franchising. 


Castrol Premium Motor Oil Brands

The Castrol portfolio of premium motor oil brands is built around the highly relevant consumer benefits of sludge protection, wear protection and engine performance.  This easy-to-understand benefit ladder builds logically to support premium sales and drive trade up.


Castrol helps Attract and Retain Customers

Castrol Offers personalized Direct Mail Marketing programs to drive customers to your shop.

Castrol offers an Engine Warranty program that builds customer loyalty to your shop.

Castrol SYNC is an enhanced digital platform where you can access training, rewards, promotions, and market reports