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If you're running a 2-stroke engine, your choice of 2-stroke engine oil is important. Castrol® 2 cycle engine oil reduces harmful deposits and controls exhaust smoke.

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Looking for 2-cycle engine oil?

Two cycle engines, also known as two stroke engines, have a lot to be said for them. Their simple design delivers a great power-to-weight ratio that makes them ideal for everything from scooters to snowmobiles and ATVs.


They are also pretty unusual engines, in that you add the engine oil to the gas tank. You might think that makes your choice of oil less important. The fact is, if you want to control exhaust smoke and reduce harmful deposits, you need the best two-cycle engine oil there is.

Go! 2t 2-stroke Motorcycle Oil



Castrol® 2T provides superior protection for 2-stroke engines. It is a mineral-based motorcycle oil designed for use in 2-stroke motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and lawn equipment. Castrol 2T is the go-to motor oil for 2-cycle engines.


What is Castrol® 2T Motorcycle Oil good for

  • Castrol Go! 2T with Deposit Control Formula is designed to ensure trouble-free running time after time.
  • Deposit Control Formula:
  • Protects against the build-up of carbon deposits on the piston and spark plug
  • Ensures fast and reliable starting
  • Visibly reduces exhaust smoke in comparison with conventional mineral oils
  • Exceeds specifications: JASO FB
Castrol® 2T Motorcycle Oil
Castrol Super Snowmobile 2T



Castrol Super Snowmobile 2T provides superior protection for 2-stroke snowmobile engines, thanks to its ability to flow readily at temperatures as low as minus 40C.


What is Castrol Super Snowmobile 2T good for

  • Flows readily at temperatures as low a minus 40C, ensuring no excess wear due to oil starvation
  • It is a high detergent, low ash forming, 2-stroke lubricant specifically formulated for snowmobile injector systems
  • Meets the engine protection requirements of all makes of snowmobiles including those calling for API Service TC specification                        
  • Can be used with confidence on pre-mix systems
Castrol Super Snowmobile 2T

How Is Two-Stroke Engine Oil Different? Can I Use 4 Cycle Oil Instead?

Two-stroke or two-cycle engine oils are special motor oils that are designed for use in two-cycle (two-stroke) engines. When using an oil for a two-cycle engine, it is important to use the correct two-cycle oil or else it could damage the engine due to the differences between a two-cycle and four-cycle engine.


Difference between Two-Cycle and Four-Cycle Engines 

Two-cycle engines and four-cycle engines are both used in mechanical equipment, but the type of equipment determines the better engine to use. Where four-cycle engines are commonly used in larger applications such as automobiles, motorcycle, boats and larger engine applications, two-cycle engines are often used in smaller engine applications such as lawn equipment and scooters.


Two-cycle engines do not contain valves due to the engine mechanics of how a two-cycle engine works. Two-cycle engines fire every revolution. Fuel and oil are mixed with air and compressed, then pushed toward the spark plug. The spark plug fires and sends the piston down to complete the compression cycle. As the compression occurs, a reed valve opens that removes the fuel/oil/air mixture and the cycle begins again.


A key difference between a four-cycle engine oil and a two-cycle engine oil is that a four-cycle engine oil does not mix the fuel and oil. Four-cycle engines operate in the following manner:

  • Oil and fuel are mixed in the compression chamber as the piston moves down the cylinder
  • The oil/fuel mixture is compressed and the intake valve closes to compress the gas
  • The spark plug fires and ignites the gas/air mixture
  • The piston goes back down and exhaust valve is opened to release the spent mixture

Since two-stroke engines are often smaller, lighter and simpler than four-stroke engines; they deliver a higher power-to-weight ratio and are often used in smaller equipment applications such as lawn mowers and other garden equipment and also in small engine vehicles (scooters, jet skis, ATF’s and small outboard engines).


Can I use 4 stroke oil in a 2 stroke engine?

Two-stroke oils have similar additives and base oils than four-stroke oils, but there are some significant differences. As previously mentioned, two-stroke oils mix with gasoline when it is used in a two-stroke engine. That means that the oil is consumed at a much higher rate than four-stroke oils (which are not consumed as part of the lubrication in a four-stroke engine). Also, since two-stroke oils are consumed, the ash content of two-stroke engine oils are significantly lower and may contain a significantly different additive package than four-stroke oils.


Using the Right Oil

As with any engine oil, it is vital to use the correct lubricant for your engine. Four-stroke engine oils should not be used in two-stroke applications (and two-stroke engine oils shouldn’t be used in four-stroke engines). Two-stroke engine oils are generally lighter, lower and ash and made to be consumed in two-stroke engines, so they do not last as long as four-stroke engine oils. Always check your owner’s manual for the correct lubricant for your engine. Another great source for the correct lubricant for an application is Castrol’s Oil Selector.