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Aerospace Maintenance and First Fill (MRO)

lubricants and product support services to meet the demands of the aerospace industry

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers have created a comprehensive range of world-class lubricants and product support services designed to meet the maintenance and first fill demands of the aviation industry. We bring a reputation for high performance to the aviation and aerospace, OEM and maintenance repair & overhaul (MRO) industries. Our special aviation product range covers an array of applications, including corrosion preventives, greases, hydraulic fluids, turbine oils and calibration fluids.

We understand that lubricating airframe assemblies, landing gear systems, shock struts, avionics and propulsion system demands rigorous safety and reliability. Our Liquid Engineers have years of application experience and lubrication knowledge from working with jet engines, cabin superchargers and developing corrosion-inhibited jet turbine oils.

With our Brayco and Braycote products we are pioneers in developing lubricants for jet aircraft and deep space applications. In deep space applications, we understand the need for low outgassing, low volatility lubricants and have provided the products for many missions in Earth’s orbit as well as missions to the Moon and Mars.

Our team of skilled scientists work alongside technical experts in the field to recommend the best solution for your lubrication needs.

Corrosion Preventives for Aircraft Engines

Corrosion Preventives for Aircraft Engines


Corrosion preventatives for aircraft engines and gas turbines.

Hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic fluids


Castrol Brayco & Brayco Micronic hydraulic fluids consist of petroleum and synthetic based hydraulic fluids designed to meet military and aircraft manufacturer specifications.




Castrol’s Liquid Engineers have provided Aeroplex and Braycote greases to the aviation and aerospace industry for many years. They meet Boeing and Airbus specifications and have been approved for use in space applications.

Turbine & Gear Oils

Turbine & Gear Oils


Castrol offers a range of petroleum and synthetic turbine oils for the servicing and storage of commercial and military aircraft.