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Components Lubrication

Expert advice on products to help increase your component reliability

As the aerospace industry evolves, companies are focused on important objectives such as overall weight reduction, fuel burn, noise and emissions to improve the environmental footprint and meet stringent Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) regulations.

By using lighter materials, like composites, and harder materials such as titanium alloys, components manufacturing makes a valuable contribution to this goal. Cutting fluid pressures of more than 200 bars helps in the cost-efficient machining of high-alloy steels, Inconel or titanium alloys to improve machining process productivity and efficiency.

That’s why our Liquid Engineers have developed a comprehensive range of high-performance metalworking fluids, cleaners, and corrosion preventives to help you meet the demands of a modern production process.

Through strong relationships with leading Machine Tool Original Equipment Manufacturers, our experts can offer trusted advice on how our products can help you deliver reliability and economic competitiveness in the constantly developing components sector.



The manufacturing of components such as fasteners, braking and landing systems, sensors, power transmissions, power electronics and hydraulic, metallic and composite components includes a variety of operations.  Our experts recommend a range of products:

Cutting and grinding of all metals

Cutting and grinding of all metals