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Simultaneous engineering initiative

Simultaneous engineering initiative
Collaboration between engineering partners, OEMs and suppliers to develop new or modified processes


Simultaneous Engineering is the collaboration between engineering partners, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers to develop new or modified processes. At Castrol we put our extensive knowledge to work for you, delivering innovative and technologically advanced solutions that push the boundaries of performance within your operations.


Your strategic simultaneous engineering partner

We work with your engineering and design teams to understand and support your specific plant and process requirements, from new product development to re-engineering processes, and our responsive technical support will help you deliver your objectives.


Best practice

We help design product storage solutions to meet oil storage regulations and ensure operational efficiency across your product supply and logistics. Management and control of ‘in use’ applications, including our metalworking fluids and lubricants, helps them meet your productivity, quality and cost targets and offer efficiencies to help reduce waste discharge and disposal, to meet or exceed local environmental legislation and targets.


Obtain product approvals

Our dedicated OEM and engineering teams work with vendors to help obtain product recommendations, testing fluid compatibility and performance through our customer service laboratory, your laboratory and the equipment vendor.


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