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Castrol complete chemical management & services (CMS)

Castrol complete chemical management and services (CMS)
A comprehensive offering that focuses on operational excellence and progressive solutions to future-proof your industrial operations. 

The complete solution for manufacturers: we help make it happen

Castrol has been delivering cutting-edge solutions for industrial environments for well over 100 years. We understand what’s really important to manufacturers, and work with them to develop innovative products and services to help them overcome their most common challenges.


We know that manufacturers want to:

Maximize competitiveness
Reduce CO2
Minimize safety risks
Increase productivity
Maximize competitiveness by reducing costs and improving quality and processes
Reduce CO2 by focusing on water, waste and energy
Minimize workforce health and safety risks
Produce more with less resources, in an uncertain era of mobility

Castrol complete chemical management and services

Castrol complete chemical management and services implements best practices in oil and chemical management to help you minimize costs and maximize operational efficiency. Our experts work with your people, products and processes to manage your lubricants, oils or fluids so you can focus on your core strengths of manufacturing.


This comprehensive offering includes Castrol SmartGains, our process-driven approach towards managing your sites to identify and implement efficiency gains.


We understand that no two operations are identical, so our services are tailored to meet individual plant needs and cover various areas.

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Purchasing management
  • Reduction of complexity and number of direct suppliers
  • Special expertise in the selection of lubricants products
  • Reduction of delivery frequency
  • Reduction of tied working capital
Logistics and purchase management
  • Special expertise in handling and storage of lubricants and special materials
  • Reduction of complexity
  • Reduction of tied working capital
Maintenance management
  • Asset and cost optimization
  • Less accidents, safe operations, and compliant handling of all substances
  • Higher sustainability, reduction of waste and less leakage due to maintenance work
Equipment management
  • Tailored equipment solutions to suit customer needs
  • Best-in-class proven equipment technologies
  • Access to cutting edge technologies and leading technology providers
  • Design and integration options, maintenance and calibration service provisions
Recycling and waste reduction
  • Minimizing overall waste and disposal costs
  • Risk reduction
  • Support of legally compliant disposal of all liquids and lubricants
Documentation management
  • Information technology, hardware, software, data analysis and reporting
  • 24/7 access to all service and maintenance data
  • Data integration into the customer's IT-system
  • Fully transparent service performance
  • Documentation in the maintenance database by the employees fulfils legal and audit requirements
Forward looking solutions

Forward looking solutions

  • Comprehensive monitoring helps increase machine availability and reliability
  • Regular trend analysis enables identification of future problems
  • Optimum lubricant life
  • Reduction of tied working capital
  • 24/7 monitoring of soluble fluids in central sump
  • Improved process control and stability
  • Reduction in lubricant and additive usage
Predictive maintenance
  • Maximizing whole life value of assets
  • Full range of predictive maintenance solutions
  • Lower downtime, higher productivity
Simultaneous engineering
  • Collaboration with OEMs and engineering partners to develop new processes
  • Pushing boundaries of process performance
  • Responsive technical support to deliver your program objectives
Castrol smart gains
  • Small incremental improvements adding to significant improvements
  • Simple but powerful three-step process: Focus. Improve. Measure
  • The Approach leads to significant gains – striking synergy between various process inputs
Environmental solutions
  • Helping customers deliver their sustainability goals
  • Decreasing the lifecycle impact of our products and offers
  • Reducing and offsetting your Carbon footprint
  • Water and electric energy consumption reduction

Get in touch with your Castrol representative to learn more about how Castrol complete chemical management and services can help your industrial business optimize operations.

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