We live in a world where vehicle manufacturers continue to recommend longer drain intervals & consumers change their oil less frequently. This is possible because the technology of motor oil is able to support these drains. Unfortunately, conventional oil filters can’t hold enough dirt to meet these intervals. Thankfully, Castrol has an oil filter than can.  

Nothing says ultimate protection like Castrol’s® SFX™ Premium Performance oil filters. Specially made for use with all synthetic and conventional motor oils, it traps more engine damaging particles* and holds more dirt than conventional filters**. And its heavy duty shell can withstand 10 times the normal vehicle operating pressure. That means reduced engine wear for your car and better overall performance. It’s more than an oil filter — it’s the ultimate protection you’ve come to expect from Castrol.

All installers that carry the Castrol® SFX™ Premium Performance oil filter also receive a free filter display. Ask your Castrol sales rep or one of our filter distributers for more info.
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Christensen Oil Company & Crest Distributing, Inc. (only available in Utah)
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*99.9% at 25 microns using Castrol’s CAS8A filter and ISO 4548-12 multi-pass test procedure
**Than selected standard performance filters (compared using Castrol’s CAS8A filter and ISO 4548-12 multi-pass test procedure)