Castrol’s Range of Motorcycle Oils

When it comes to finding the right motorcycle and bike engine oil, Castrol has a range of high-quality, class leading products. Depending on the vehicle, there are different bike oils available to provide either superior acceleration or continuous protection. Choose between Castrol Power 1 for performance and Castrol Act>Evo for protection.

Castrol Power1

Castrol Power1 offers your motorcycle superior acceleration at a mere touch of the throttle. Castrol Power1 is the cutting edge motorcycle engine oil that promises a thrilling ride. You can learn more about the range by selecting the links below.


Castrol Act>Evo

Castrol Act>Evo relies on Castrol’s superior technology to provide continuous protection for your motorcycle or bike. Castrol Act>evo is like a 24x7 bodyguard that protects your motorbike from the ever stressful everyday commute in the city. Learn more about the range by selecting the links below.