Land Rover chose us as its preferred strategic partner for lubricants back in 2002. United by a determination to remain at the frontier of industry standards, we have co-engineered and developed engine and transmission oils that boost performance. That’s why when people ask which motor oil is recommended for Land Rover engines, the answer is Castrol. In striving to create cutting-edge products, we’ve become their recommended lubricant partner for both their factory first-fill and dealership aftermarket supply.

We work closely with Land Rover R&D to develop future generations of lubricants for their vehicles. Formulations are co-engineered to meet the precise demands of the Land Rover engines and to exploit the potential fuel savings and CO2 reductions. Its continued use maintains the high level performance expected by Land Rover customers.

Land Rover and Castrol are united by a determination to remain at the forefront of industry standards.