Castrol has worked with Jaguar as their preferred global strategic lubricants partner since 2002. In that time we have worked together, pushing technical boundaries to boost performance and make the driving experience as exhilarating as possible. A close collaboration on joint engineering and product development of engine and transmission oils, for the factory fill products and aftermarket business, has been integral to the Jaguar engine’s delivery of high performance.

Working jointly with Jaguar R&D to create future generations of lubricants for Jaguar vehicles is what helps us do that. These oils are custom-made to fit the precise requirements of Jaguar engines and to unlock potential fuel savings and CO2 reductions from fuels, engine oils and transmission fluids. That’s why when it comes to the question of which motor oil is recommended for Jaguar, the answer has to be Castrol.

Going to the edge and beyond, Castrol and Jaguar make a powerful combination.