Participants in Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout travelled to the US state of Nevada with high hopes, as they set their sights on the existing land speed record for motorcycles on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Hopes were particularly high in the Castrol Rocket team, which includes aerodynamic expert Matt Markstaller, engine designer Bob Carpenter and rider Jason DiSalvo.

However, the weather conditions experienced in Bonneville over the past few days and weeks unfortunately ruled out any record attempts being safely undertaken. Storms and heavy rainfall repeatedly threw the schedule into disarray and caused several postponements.

When the alternative date was also dominated by rain and poor weather, the situation was clear: the Castrol Rocket was unfortunately not able to stage an attempt to break the existing land speed world record for motorcycles (376.363 mph / 605.697 km/h, set by Rocky Robinson on a Suzuki Ack Attack on 25th September 2010) this year.

Regarding the cancellation due to the weather, Castrol Rocket rider Jason DiSalvo shares the deep disappointment of all involved parties: “We know that everybody is waiting for us to make an attempt at a new land speed record for motorcycles with the amazing Triumph Castrol Rocket. However, the weather and track conditions did not make a record attempt possible for us.”