Castrol provides technically superior synthetic, semi synthetic and conventional engine oils and specialty lubricants for your car, motorcycle, truck and bakkie.

Bringing Nigeria Outstanding Synthetic Oils and Lubricants

Eterna Plc (Eterna) is the exclusive and authorised distributor of Castrol products in Nigeria. The company currently has the license to manufacture and blend Castrol Marine Lubricants at a Blending Plant located at Sagamu, Ogun State.

Within the Castrol Nigeria portfolio of lubricants, there are key engine oils which form the cornerstone of Castrol’s offering within the Nigerian market. Four key engine oils are available to serve the wide spectrum of Nigerian Automobile consumers. This includes three power brands Castrol GTX Essential, Castrol MAGNATEC and Castrol EDGE as well as the entry level Castrol Motor Oil.

In August 2017, two years after commencing the distribution of Castrol products, Eterna began to locally blend Castrol GTX Essential at blending plant in Sagamu. GTX Essential has been developed in response to specific local market requirements, and demonstrates a balance between engine requirements and affordability.

Castrol Drives New Technology

Castrol continues to drive new technology and lead the agenda in automotive, industrial, aviation, marine, and mining sectors. Castrol’s strength lies in its partnerships and in the development of technology, which has been created to fit the specific needs of manufacturers. Today, more cars roll off the production line in Africa with Castrol motor oil in their engines any other oil. From basic cars to supercars, Castrol has reached the highest levels of recognition and success while also maintaining the highest standards in environmental safety.

With a wide portfolio and a depth of over 100 years global experience; as a leading oil company Castrol remains unmatched in both specialisation and longevity. Castrol continues to create not only a premium product but one that is at the forefront of pioneering technology.

* On average, rounded to the nearest whole number. Compared to the same oil without Fluid TITANIUM. Products tested representing 75% of 2017 sales volume.

Castrol - one of the Leading Oil Companies in Nigeria