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If your car requires a 0W-40 engine oil, Castrol offers a full range of options to meet the needs of every driver and vehicle manufacturer.


CHOOSING the right 0W-40 oil for your car.

Castrol's full synthetic 0W-40 motor oil has been liquid engineered to flow like 0 Weight oil in winter temperatures, but to have the viscosity of a 40 Weight engine oil once full operating temperature has been achieved. This ensures a high level of engine protection from the moment you turn on the ignition. 


You might think that the 'W' in a motor oil's viscosity description stands for Weight, but that's just a common misconception. It actually stands for Winter. That's because 0W-40 engine oil is formulated to flow like a 0 Weight oil in cold conditions, yet offer the protection of a 40 Weight motor oil when the engine reaches its full operating temperature.


There are two things you need to know to find the right oil for your vehicle 1) the viscosity, 2) the manufacture specification requirements. The products on this page are all 0W-40 viscosity and also show the manufacturer specifications details. 


To find the product you need always consult your vehicle handbook or use our Oil Finder tool.