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Reliable and productive lubricant solutions for construction vehicles

The lubrication needs of the aggregates industry are complex as they involve a vast number of different vehicle types that carry out hundreds of types of applications across a wide range of conditions. From rolling stock that transports material, to crushers, conveyors, stackers, and asphalt plants that process the aggregate, Castrol offers a solution for almost every application.


Our commercial vehicle product range has been developed to overcome the challenges of the mining and quarrying industries. We offer solutions that can help you drive operational efficiency and keep your rolling stock and stationary equipment in service, by delivering more value for longer.


Castrol’s full range of advanced engine oils, transmission fluids, antifreezes and greases can help you maximise your inventory efficiency, make it easier for you to use the right product for the right application and eventually, can help you achieve the best possible performance from your vehicles.


On top of that, our commercial vehicle engine oils have been designed to:

  • Help maintain the cleanliness of your engines
  • Provide excellent wear protection
  • Meet the vast majority of industry specifications.

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