High performance lubricants (HPLs) are those that deliver significant value in enhancing protection, reliability, and productivity of equipment while reducing operating costs.

Lubricant Oil

High performance lubricants to reduce wasted energy and save you money

No matter what industry you’re in – automotive, steel, mining or wind energy – our unique combination of high-performance lubricants, programmes and services can help you achieve your goals.


Castrol High Performance Lubricants fight friction, protect equipment, and help reduce overall operating costs.

  • Offer superior and differentiated performance not readily achievable with conventional industrial lubricants
  • Are for critical or capital-intensive applications
  • Are formulated to go beyond industry specifications
  • Deliver significant value in enhancing protection, reliability and productivity at reduced operating costs


For more information on on the lubrication of gears, chains, compressors, open gears and other applications please take a look at our High-Performance Lubricants Reference Guide.


Also included is a review of the fundamentals for preventive maintenance, personnel and management. A troubleshooting section is included to help pinpoint problems quickly. The High-Performance Lubricants Reference Guide is intended to give the working lubrication specialist or preventive maintenance engineer enough basic data to make informed decisions about proven ways to fight friction and use high-performance products to reduce total plant operating costs.