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Castrol Wind Academy

Integrated expertise for improved efficiency with the Castrol Wind Academy in collaboration with ONYX InSight

Castrol Wind Academy

Improved efficiency with the Castrol Wind Academy 

The wind industry, while growing at a brisk pace and adding 50 GW + per year, is experiencing a severe skills shortage.


In a recent survey conducted by the European Wind Energy Technology Platform, 78% of wind energy stakeholders stated finding suitably trained staff as either ‘Difficult’ or ‘Very Difficult’.


With over 250,000 skilled employees required annually to meet wind’s demand through to 2024, the skills gap needs urgently filled in order for the industry to continue to thrive.


The launch of the Castrol Wind Academy 

At Castrol we are completely committed to alternative energy and a low-carbon future. With our understanding of today's industry challenges, we’ve worked with our JV partner ONYX Insight to launch the Castrol Wind Academy.


Castrol and ONYX InSight is a collaborative solution for wind turbine maintenance. We combine turbine drivetrain engineering, predictive engineering and lubricants expertise to achieve higher efficiency and reduced LCOE.


The Castrol Wind Academy integrates industry expertise to deliver a comprehensive programme. It equips site managers and technicians with the latest knowledge and skills to perform at the highest level while getting the best from the products, tools and services they use every day.


What’s Included?

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Get a glimpse of a typical Castrol Wind Academy training module here.

In a pilot study conducted in early 2019, 71 technicians and site managers across the globe were enrolled onto the Castrol Wind Academy. Over 85% said they would recommend the Castrol Wind Academy to their peers and more than 75% found the content to be either ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’.

The Castrol Wind Academy uses interactive online modules to allow technicians and site managers learn at their own convenience and pace.


Each course includes approximately three hours of content, which is spread over four to five modules.


The first course includes the following modules:

  • Basics of LCOEWind Turbine Drivetrain & Gearbox Fundamentals
  • Gearbox Failures
  • Predictive Maintenance and
  • Optimum Lubrication for Enhanced Efficiency

Each learning module includes a short online assessment at the end for technicians to complete. Successfully completing the online assessment for each module will result in being awarded a Castrol Wind Academy Certification.


Register your interest for the Castrol Wind Academy today to increase efficiency and profitability and reduce LCOE or enroll and get started here.


Contact the Castrol Wind Academy Team industrialinsights@castrol.com today to register your interest or ask any questions.